Game Changers Radio – Show #50

Join Shopmaster and MadScientist as they host another exciting Game Changers Radio Show.  On this episode; Episode 50, Shopmaster and MadScientist will be joined by TSS Members for a round table discussion on the latest happenings in the EA SPORTS Community.  We’ll also have an updated version of some in-game commentary to share and discuss.   Hopefully we’ll get to some E3 information.

Hey guys, the next Game Changers Radio will be airing live 5/22 @ 9:00pm est.

You can listen live here: or just click the “Listen Live” button on the home page.

Our Question of the Night is something we do every show at the start as we talk about a subject and give you a chance to chime in with your answers.

Question of the night?   Are you looking forward to the June 4th Madden Announcement and the release of 3 Playbooks during E3 or are you already sold on Madden 13?



– New Madden NFL 13 Audio (continued discussion from last week)

– NCAA & Madden News

– Roundtable Talk

– E3 News

– Kobra’s Corner