Game Changers Radio – Show #45 | NCAA Football 13 Gameplay

Join Shopmaster and MadScientist as they host another exciting Game Changers Radio Show.  On this episode; Episode 45, Shopmaster and MadScientist will be on at a special time (10pm. est) and will be focusing on NCAA Football 13 Gameplay.  They will discuss the blog and video stream by EA SPORTS today which reveal gameplay for NCAA 13 and how that will afftect the way you play the game.  They will also talk about DLC in video games and what you will and won’t pay for and who does it right.  It’s going to be a great show.

Hey guys, the next Game Changers Radio will be airing live 4/17 @ 10:00pm est.


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Our Question of the Night is something we do every show at the start as we talk about a subject and give you a chance to chime in with your answers.

Question of the night? What DLC will you or won’t you pay for and who’s doing it right?



– NCAA Cover Finalized

– Madden Cover heating up

– NCAA Football 13 Gameplay

– Downloadable Content – What will you pay for?

  • Willie

    I am highly disappointed the following wasn’t addressed for NCAA 13:

    1. No mention of WR/DB jostling.2. No mention of improving OL/DL interaction.3. No mention of fixing the pass rush for DEs. 4. No mention of CPU ball carriers actually using their special moves: Spin, Juke, Stiff arm5. No mention of fixing the elusive animation for it don’t look like the damn truck animation.6. No mention of punt blocks or FG blocks.7. No mention of CPU punters doing coffin corner kicks in the right situation instead of just kicking it into the end zone.8. No mention of pass interference.9. No mention of fixing the bull rush animation.10. No mention of expanded ratings, new ratings, DPP, improvements to locomotion.11. No mention of fixing the QB from sliding when he only has 1 defender in front of him. 

    As a Coach Mode player, those things stand out a TON.  

    • Anonymous

      Don’t think that’s all they did with Gameplay.  That’s just the things they decided to show you.  There are other things, but I’m not allowed to talk about them until they do.  Please call in and voice your concerns but I think people like what they saw but are thinking that’s all.  Not the case.  I just can’t talk specifics.