Madden NFL 13 Community Day Review

Hello Madden Fans,

I’m back from Orlando Florida in which I participated in the Madden NFL 13 Community Day.  It’s was more like an event and not just 1 day but 3 days of engaging with the Developers of EA SPORTS about Madden NFL 13.  My main objective when I come to these events is to bridge the gap in communications between the Madden Community and EA SPORTS.  I don’t go down there to for myself, I take down hundreds upon hundreds of notes, items, wishes, and ideas from the community that I have collected over the last two months.

There were about 16 guys down here from all over the Madden Community, all with the passion to do what they can to make Madden NFL 13 the best game it can be.  Here is a list of some of the guys.

SGibs and ZFarlz from Madden Bible and

Nick from

K0ACHK from

Azureeffect from (THE SIM STANDARD) and Machinima

Russel Giles from Operation Sports

Dave Searles from Operation Sports

Jeff Setzer and Marcus Frieske from

Marc Rollins and Tony from

Coach Ruckus from

Day 1

So the first day at the EA Tiburon Studio was all about EA’s vision about where Madden 13 is going, but this also included EA letting us know that they know what was messed up in Madden 12.  Each developer had a presentation that they presented about their vision on that mode.  So we had Michael Young talk about the overall direction of the game. Young started off by talking about the things that they felt they did very good in Madden 12 and then talked about the things they did not do very well and I thought this was a good step as far as opening the talks about things that need to be fixed for Madden 13.

Of course I can’t talk about anything that was told but I can tell you that this is where we basically listen to all the things that they present and save our questions until the end.  But just like always there are always questions during presentation, questions that lead to other questions.

After Michael You did his presentation we had some of the other developers talk about the presentation of the game and thier vision on moving forward.

We then finally after sitting through about 4 hours of presentation we got to get our hands on the game.  Of course the game was not even at alpha probably (I don’t know for sure, just saying from my experience at these things it’s real early.)

So we played up until about 6:30 and we got out of the studio and went to Kobe’s to wind down and just get to know the guys better.  some of the developers joined us so it was time to talk to the about the game a little bit more and also let them get to know us and what we want for the game.

Day 2

Josh Looman – Franchise Developer came in from Austin to give us a presentation on his vision for Franchise Mode.  After we soaked all of it in, we asked Josh questions and he was straight up with us on some of the tough questions we asked.  Now before anyone jumps the gun, everyone has things they wanted addressed in Franchise Mode so Josh got a lot of questions and I think he came out of it with a little bit of a prospective on what the Community wanted.  The great thing about coming out this early is we were able to bring some things to light so that he could go work on things.  When features start coming out, I will share some of the things we discussed at this community day and the impact it had on the development directly.

Josh’s presentation was good and I’m hoping live presentations will be available for others to see when they announce the feature sets because I really think fans want to hear it from the developer and not just in a blog.  I think showing a live presentation will connect the fans a little bit more than just some writing.  One thing I can say is that these guys care about making the game better.  I feel they get a bad rap for decisions they have no control of and it’s always someone like Ian Cummings who gets blamed when a title goes bad instead of the execs who say something like ” so and so feature is not good for sales, so let’s not do it”.  I’m just saying … lol.

I also was invited upstairs to be on the EA SPORTS Madden NFL podcast.  So I was with AJ, Donny Moore, Justin Dewiel, and the lovely Jennica Pearson.  I was able to plug the Game Changers Radio show and give my impressions of how Community Day was turning out.  You can catch the show here:  It was a good time doing the show.

Got some more time with the game, and wrote down a lot more feedback.


Day 3

Day 3 was just more one-on-one talk with the developers.  I got to sit and talk with Brian Ferwerda who is charge of the online and talk to him about some of the things that I and the community would like to see in Madden NFL 13 when it comes to Online.  We talked about Online Communities in great detail as well as head-to-head, online franchise, and just little small details like communication within online franchise mode.  I also proposed a way to have trophies for Online Communities.

We also participated in a very cool thing that I’ll be able to go into detail later but I must say that it was great.  I just love the tease … lol.


I will say this, it’s hard playing a new Madden and then coming back and playing the old copy of Madden.

Please make sure you check out Game Changers Radio Tuesday Night as we will have some of the Community Guys on having a Community Day recap.  You can get more details here:

I’ll have more details on the show.

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  • Dmrhymer

    If its one thing madden needs to change its the simulation aspect of the game. Madden 12 feels like theirs walls blocking u from time to time. Pretty much the same with all the other maddens since the next gen consoles. Thats why madden has trouble being a true simulation. It feels pre determined. I play madden alot so can recognize these patterns but go unnoticed to the average player