Game Changers Radio – Show #18

After a unscheduled “Bye” week join Shopmaster and MadScientist as they host another exciting Game Changers Radio show.  On this episode we will talk with’s Tim Turner who will be on the show talking about his “Tip of the Month” contest.  We’ll talk about the latest Madden 12 Roster Update #4 and who needs to get a boost.  Kobra will stop by to share more of  his Madden 12 Tips to help boost your game in Kobra’s Corner and we’ll talk about areas in Madden that need to be addressed in a patch or Madden 13.

Hey guys, the next Game Changers Radio will be airing live 9/20 @ 9:00pm est.

You can listen live here: or just click the “Listen Live” button on the home page.

Our Question of the Night is something we do every show at the start as we talk about a subject and give you a chance to chime in with your answers.


Question of the Night: After a month of playing Madden NFL 12, what is the biggest thing that needs to be addressed for a patch or Madden 13?


Here is our line up for the next show:

–  Question of the Night (Call in during the show and give us your answers – 760-454-1156)

–  Around the Community (News and Information)

  • Madden 12 Roster Updated #4 – Talk about some of the changes we think should be in update #5
  • Madden NFL 12 Power Rankings
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Pink in the NFL and in Madden
  • NFL Round Up


This episode we will focus mainly on what the fans feel needs to be addressed in a patch or for Madden NFL 13.



Madden 12 Tip Segment

– Madden Strategist Kobra will be on to share a few Madden 12 tips



– NFL “Pick em” Segment where we will pick all the NFL Games for week 5

– Talk more NFL and Fantasy Football